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Using the RT patch with gentoo-sources

sys-kernel/gentoo-sources is a very nicely patched flavor of the vanilla Linux kernel. The Gentoo patch set contains bug and security fixes, as well as extras, including some extra hardware support and some feature patches. sys-kernel/rt-sources is a vanilla kernel patched with the RT patch. While trying to figure out what driver was missing from the…

Saving older synth data “to tape” using modern DAW software

Let’s say you have an older synth that backs up its data using an external tape recorder. For example, an Akai AX80. And you don’t have a tape recorder. But you do have a modern DAW such as Ardour. I’m going to show you, using these specific examples, how to use Ardour instead of a…

Ardour: Transferring a session to a new rate

Ardour currently cannot do on-the-fly session rate conversion. So if you ever find yourself needing to permanently change an Ardour session’s sampling rate, one option is to export your tracks from the old session and import them into a new session. Perhaps your hardware changed, or perhaps you need to hand the session off to…

Audio File Tagging

Need to tag some audio files after you’ve already created them? These packages can help: MP3 files: media-sound/id3v2 Ogg-Vorbis files: media-sound/vorbis-tools – use the vorbiscomment CLI command FLAC files: media-sound/flack – just run flack from CLI. It has a menu system

Audio File Conversion

You can do a simple audio file conversion with: ffmpeg -i inputfile.flac outputfile.ogg Change file extensions from example as needed.