I’ve started working on some back-end updates:

  • Writing a Python program from scratch to build the installation package. This will replace the existing bash script. (“stagebuilder”)
  • Writing a new installer program from scratch in Python. Also to replace the existing bash script. By necessity, stagebuilder must be done first.
  • Updating the Decibel Linux git repo for both ebuild fixes/updates and to start including binary packages to facilitate faster installs and updates.
  • Writing an update script to make system updates easier for users.
  • Creating a downloadable image file for CD/USB for users to “try it first” and then install Decibel Linux from there if they want.

No estimated completion date, but I have been spending a lot of time moving these things forward. Each one of these items is a tall order in itself, but all taken together will get Decibel Linux much farther along the path I envision for it.

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