Month: March 2018

Wren – an open source, modular synth

I recently had a chance to hear Jan Punter’s Wren during the 2018 spring equinox streaming radio concert. This synth is amazing. It produced a vast range of sounds, from bongo-like percussion to deeply disturbing growls to mellow flute-like breezes. He offers it under a GNU license, so if anyone wants to  nab the…

GentooUsage shows Gentoo Studio

Gentoo Studio is now listed on Aliceinwire’s GentooUsage page:

February 2018 Changelog

INSTALLER CHANGES: Installer now sets MAKEOPTS for you. This is the variable that tells Portage how many parallel operations to perform, and should be equal to the number of CPU cores in your system. PACKAGES REMOVED: media-sound/cadence::GentooStudio. Cadence is now in audio-overlay, no need for duplicates. media-sound/jack2::GentooStudio: The Gentoo version now supports Firewire so the…