I can’t remember the last time I shitposted. I don’t believe it’s constructive or useful.

But I’m just as human as anyone else. I’ll keep it brief, though.

Ardour. I love it. It’s terrific. I cannot recommend it enough.

What I can’t recommend is their support. I can only suggest that they should be your last stop, and even then, steel yourself walk away with a headache from hitting your head against a wall. I’ll let this screenshot speak for itself.

Not in screenshot: I typed in “1 star” with no further comment or explanation. Silly, I know, but at least I kept it civil and engaged in a little harmless expression. I expect no results from my “rating.” 😛

There’s a way to provide customer support – especially when the customer paid for the product. Saying “No reason” and “I don’t know why” might be technically true, but you just don’t do that if you want customers to come back. You say, “I’m not sure, but I’ll look into it.” Worst case, you really can’t figure out what might be going on after looking into it, you say, “Hey, I’m really sorry, but after looking at the code, I’m not seeing a reason for this. Try this workaround instead. (describe workaround)” Pretty basic, and everyone should know how to do this if you offer a paid product.

(This is far from my first such interaction, FYI.)

Oh, and if you’re interested, and you have this issue, just create a new track and copy/paste regions from the old track.

I’ll be going back to paying only $1 or using the compiled version. Not because I don’t want to support this amazing software – I do – but… I’m not paying more than that for that kind of support.