First, I am changing the title of these posts from “changelog” to “update.” It just makes more sense, since it’s more than a simple changelog.

Second, having a moment of weird paranoia where it seems like at least two things I could have sworn were in the GentooStudio overlay are now not there. I noticed that media-sound/chuck is asking for jack-audio-connection-kit and I know I did something to fix this already. I don’t know, maybe the ebuild gremlins got loose.

March madness has apparently occurred. A ton of stuff has been added to the overlay, including a lot of fixes to move existing ebuilds away from depending on jack-audio-connection-kit. virtual/jack should now always be used in order to avoid conflicts.

And now the update:


Installer emerges rt-sources but does not compile the kernel, which is already included in the install tarball. This ensures the user will know, through syncing and performing world updates, that a new version of the kernel is available.


-systemd added to make.conf. Gentoo Studio does not support systemd.


media-libs/hydrogen-drumkits. These kits bulk up the install tarball and are optional anyway. User can emerge hydrogen-drumkits if desired.

media-plugins/eq10q-bin. This package is hosted on SourceForge, which is broken. Replaced by media-plugins/eq10q, hosted on


media-libs/libshout-idjc added to overlay. Required for media-sound/idjc.

media-libs/rtaudio added to overlay and fixed to use virtual/jack. Must be added to

media-plugins/eq10q added to install tarball. Cannot access binary on SourceForge, hosting source tarball on

media-plugins/infamousPlugins added to overlay. See for details.

media-plugins/lsp-plugins-lv2 added to overlay. See

media-sound/afsp added to overlay. A set of command-line utilities for audio files.

media-sound/aliki added to overlay. An integrated system for Impulse Response measurements

media-sound/ambdec added to overlay. An ambisonics decoder.

media-sound/arpage added to overlay. MIDI Arpeggiator w/ JACK Tempo Sync, includes Zonage MIDI splitter/manipulator. Includes a zonage binary.

media-sound/audicle added to overlay and fixed to use virtual/jack.

media-sound/beast added to overlay. A digital synthesizer and music creation system. Note that this ebuild has a ton of haskell deps and will take time to compile. Under active development.

media-sound/bitmeter added to overlay and fixed to use virtual/jack.

media-sound/boodler added to overlay. Tool for creating soundscapes – continuous, infinitely varying streams of sound.

media-sound/brutefir added to overlay and fixed to use virtual/jack.

media-sound/freewheeling added to overlay. Configurable interface for capturing audio loops in real-time.

media-sound/ghostess added to overlay. A graphical DSSI host.

media-sound/guitarix2 added to overlay. A simple Linux Guitar Amplifier for jack with one input and two outputs.

media-sound/rakarrack added to overlay. “Richly featured multi-effects processor emulating a guitar effects pedalboard” Note: check your cpu flags and enable sse and sse2. You will most likely have these.

media-sound/rtsynth added to overlay. Reproduce sounds of strings, organs, flutes and drums in real time.

media-sound/sonic-visualiser added to overlay to bring it up-to-date and to switch jack dependency to virtual/jack.

media-sound/sooperlooper added to overlay. Copied from Portage and fixed to use virtual/jack instead of jack-audio-connection.kit.

media-sound/yoshimi added to overlay to take care of virtual/jack upgrade, hosting away from SourceForge, using latest source version, and handling missing lpthread DSO.

media-sound/zita-ajbridge added to overlay. Bridge ALSA devices to Jack clients, to provide additional capture (a2j) or playback (j2a) channels

x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers added to overlay. Only 382 and the latest version was added/will be
maintained. The latest version has a simple modification to ignore the preempt check, but if you use this
version, you will need to avoid using FULL_PREEMPT for the time being, as the nvidia module is unable to
access VBIOS under FULL_PREEMPT. Any devs wanting to help write/maintain patches to fix this will be
mega-appreciated, as I am not as l337 as I would like to be.

xfce-extra/xfce4-alsa-plugin added to install tarball. Allows users to control sound volume in an Xfce4 panel.


media-sound/ambdec ebuild uses the exteutils.eclass that belonged to the defunct proaudio overlay. It’s been added to the GentooStudio overlay.


The default appearance for new users is now themed with a dark appearance and a Gentoo Studio desktop background.


The build of the install tarball is now automated and build runs are done weekly. The automatic build script will be tweaked and updated as needed.

SourceForge is unreliable and the owners of this software repository have done a good job of breaking things. With that in mind, source tarballs used by Gentoo Studio and normally hosted on SF, once obtained, will be hosted on so that overlay ebuilds can fetch them. Even when SF is working, it seems like the src_uri is always needing modification to get things working.

TL;DR: SF breaks Gentoo Studio and I can’t have that.

Installation page of has been updated with a few corrections and better formatting.

I’ve started haxxing with Docker, with the goal of using Travis CI for the GentooStudio repo on GitHub.

Was informed by a user (thank you!) that Gentoo Studio was listed as inactive at This has been fixed.