May was a quiet month for Gentoo Studio. I apologize. I have had a lot going on on the home front.


media-libs/libprojectm-qt copied to overlay from Portage and placed in package.unmask. It it slated for removal from Portage, but Carla still depends on it.

media-sound/hydrogen-9999 added to overlay. Portage version now fails due to a patch that is no longer needed.

sys-kernel/rt-sources-4.9.76_p61 added to overlay for compatibility with nvidia-drivers. This version is no longer in Portage.


/etc/security/limits.conf is no longer used for audio settings. Intead, /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf is used.

/etc/sysctl.conf is now used to set swappiness and hpet.max-user-freq.

/etc/udev/rules.d/timer-permissions.rules added for systems that take advantage of /dev/rtc0 and