media-libs/libopenshot added to overlay to match addition of media-video/openshot.

media-video/openshot added to overlay, as latest version is not in Portage.


media-sound/carla: PyQt4 to match the main Portage tree masking all qt4 stuff.

media-sound/carla: media-libs/libprojectm-qt removed from RDEPEND as it requires Qt4, which is no longer in Portage.

Version info removed from media-libs/libprojectm-qt (required by media-sound/carla) to prevent calling for no-longer-in-Portage qt4.


This will go into the September changelog, but I wanted to mention it early: Chuck has an update in Portage that STILL uses jack-audio-connection-kit instead of virtual/jack. This has been fixed in the Gentoo Studio overlay.