Just noting a few changes.

  1. Added links to the package names in the app list on the home page. This is done by a script, so if the “Homepage” line of the package metadata contains more than one URL, the link won’t work correctly. I’ll work this out eventually.
  2. Musescore and Frescobaldi have been removed from the list of default apps. This bypasses the need for dealing with qtwebengine’s extremely long compile times and fussy MAKEOPTS requirements. If you want these packages, feel free to install them. You may need to adjust MAKEOPTS and give qtwebengine plenty of time to compile. It could be hours, depending on your machine.
  3. A “welcome” text file is now placed on the desktop of the user you create during install.
  4. Geany has been added to the default installed apps. This covers two bases: a text file reader/editor and an IDE, if you need one.
  5. The installer can now work with NVMe drives. You should find your NVMe drive in the installer under “Namespaces”. For example: /dev/nvme0n1
  6. The installer now asks you to set your time zone. If you get it wrong, no worries. You can still set it post-install.
  7. Some recent additions to the default installed apps include (look for these on the home page if you want more info): Airwindows, Argotlunar, Cardinal, LSP plugins, Odin, and X42 Plugins (non-free, demo mode until you buy a license).